Ndërrim Përdoruesi


Kjo shtojcë ju lejon të kaloni pa humbur kohë nga një llogari përdoruesi WordPress në tjetrën, me klikimin e një butoni. Do të dilni në çast nga një llogari dhe hyni në atë të përdoruesit të dëshiruar. Kjo është e dobishme për testime të ndryshme, kur dilni rregullisht nga një llogari dhe hyni në llogari të ndryshme, ose për përgjegjës të cilëve u duhet të kalojnë shumë herë nga një llogari në tjetrën.


  • Switch user: Instantly switch to any user account from the Users screen.
  • Rikthim: Rikthehuni menjëherë te llogaria juaj fillestare.
  • Switch off: Log out of your account but retain the ability to instantly switch back in again.
  • Switching between users is secure (see the Siguri section below).
  • Compatible with WordPress, WordPress Multisite, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, and most two-factor authentication plugins.


  • Only users with the ability to edit other users can switch user accounts. By default this is only Administrators on single site installations, and Super Admins on Multisite installations.
  • Fjalëkalimet nu zbulohen (dhe nuk mundet të zbulohen).
  • Përdor në WordPress sistemin e mirëfilltësimit me cookie, kur mbahen mend llogaria apo llogaritë prej nga erdhët dhe ku riktheheni.
  • Implements the nonce security system in WordPress, meaning only those who intend to switch users can switch.
  • Full support for user session validation where appropriate.
  • Mbulim i plotë për administrim përmes SSL-je (nëse vlen).


  1. Visit the Users menu in WordPress and you’ll see a Switch To link in the list of action links for each user.
  2. Klikoni mbi këtë dhe do të kaloni menjëherë në atë llogari përdoruesi.
  3. Mund të rikthehni te llogaria juaj origjinale përmes lidhjes Rikthehuni që shfaqet në çdo skenë pulti ose te menuja e profilit tuaj te paneli WordPress.

Për të dhëna mbi veçorinë Switch Off, shihni FAQ.

Other Plugins

I maintain several other plugins for developers. Check them out:

  • Query Monitor is the developer tools panel for WordPress
  • WP Crontrol lets you view and control what’s happening in the WP-Cron system

Privacy Statement

User Switching makes use of browser cookies in order to allow users to switch to another account. Its cookies operate using the same mechanism as the authentication cookies in WordPress core, therefore their values contain the user’s user_login field in plain text which should be treated as potentially personally identifiable information. The names of the cookies are:

  • wordpress_user_sw_{COOKIEHASH}
  • wordpress_user_sw_secure_{COOKIEHASH}
  • wordpress_user_sw_olduser_{COOKIEHASH}

User Switching does not send data to any third party, nor does it include any third party resources, nor will it ever do so.

See also the FAQ for some questions relating to privacy and safety when switching between users.

Ethical Open Source

User Switching is considered Ethical Open Source because it meets all of the criteria of The Ethical Source Definition (ESD):

  1. It benefits the commons.
  2. It is created in the open.
  3. Its community is welcoming and just.
  4. It puts accessibility first.
  5. It prioritizes user safety.
  6. It protects user privacy.
  7. It encourages fair compensation.

Foto ekrani

  • The Switch To link on the Users screen

  • The Switch To link on a user's profile


Does this plugin work with PHP 8?


Ç’do të thotë “Switch off”?

Switching off logs you out of your account but retains your user ID in an authentication cookie so you can switch straight back without having to log in again manually. It’s akin to switching to no user, and being able to switch back.

The Switch Off link can be found in your profile menu in the WordPress toolbar. Once you’ve switched off you’ll see a Switch back link on the Log In screen and in the footer of your site.

A funksionon kjo shtojcë WordPress Multisite-in?

Po, dhe do të jeni gjithashtu në gjendje të këmbeni përdorues që nga skena Përdorues, te Përgjegjës Rrjeti.

A funksionon kjo shtojcë me BuddyPress-in?

Po, dhe do të jeni gjithashtu në gjendje të këmbeni përdorues që nga skenat e profileve të anëtarit dhe skena e listës së anëtarëve.

A funksionon kjo shtojcë me bbPress-in?

Po, dhe do të jeni gjithashtu në gjendje të këmbeni përdorues që nga skenat e profileve të anëtarit.

Does this plugin work with WooCommerce?

Yes. For maximum compatibility you should use WooCommerce version 3.6 or later.

Does this plugin work if my site is using a two-factor authentication plugin?

Yes, mostly.

One exception I’m aware of is Duo Security. If you’re using this plugin, you should install the User Switching for Duo Security add-on plugin which will prevent the two-factor authentication prompt from appearing when you switch between users.

Ç’aftësi i duhen një përdoruesi që të mund të këmbejë llogari?

A user needs the edit_users capability in order to switch user accounts. By default only Administrators have this capability, and with Multisite enabled only Super Admins have this capability.

Can the ability to switch accounts be granted to other users or roles?

Yes. The switch_users meta capability can be explicitly granted to a user or a role to allow them to switch users regardless of whether or not they have the edit_users capability. For practical purposes, the user or role will also need the list_users capability so they can access the Users menu in the WordPress admin area.

Can the ability to switch accounts be denied from users?

Yes. User capabilities in WordPress can be set to false to deny them from a user. Denying the switch_users capability prevents the user from switching users, even if they have the edit_users capability.

add_filter( 'user_has_cap', function( $allcaps, $caps, $args, $user ) {
    if ( 'switch_to_user' === $args[0] ) {
        if ( my_condition() ) {
            $allcaps['switch_users'] = false;
    return $allcaps;
}, 9, 4 );

Note that this needs to happen before User Switching’s own capability filtering, hence the priority of 9.

Can I add a custom “Switch To” link to my own plugin or theme?

Yes. Use the user_switching::maybe_switch_url() method for this. It takes care of authentication and returns a nonce-protected URL for the current user to switch into the provided user account.

if ( method_exists( 'user_switching', 'maybe_switch_url' ) ) {
    $url = user_switching::maybe_switch_url( $target_user );
    if ( $url ) {
            '<a href="%1$s">Switch to %2$s</a>',
            esc_url( $url ),
            esc_html( $target_user->display_name )

This link also works for switching back to the original user, but if you want an explicit link for this you can use the following code:

if ( method_exists( 'user_switching', 'get_old_user' ) ) {
    $old_user = user_switching::get_old_user();
    if ( $old_user ) {
            '<a href="%1$s">Switch back to %2$s</a>',
            esc_url( user_switching::switch_back_url( $old_user ) ),
            esc_html( $old_user->display_name )

Can I determine whether the current user switched into their account?

Yes. Use the current_user_switched() function for this.

if ( function_exists( 'current_user_switched' ) ) {
    $switched_user = current_user_switched();
    if ( $switched_user ) {
        // User is logged in and has switched into their account.
        // $switched_user is the WP_User object for their originating user.

Does this plugin allow a user to frame another user for an action?

Potentially yes, but User Switching includes some safety protections for this and there are further precautions you can take as a site administrator:

  • User Switching stores the ID of the originating user in the new session for the user they switch to. Although this session does not persist by default when they subsequently switch back, there will be a record of this ID if your MySQL server has query logging enabled.
  • User Switching stores the login name of the originating user in an authentication cookie (see the Privacy Statement for more information). If your server access logs store cookie data, there will be a record of this login name (along with the IP address) for each access request.
  • You can install an audit trail plugin such as Simple History, WP Activity Log, or Stream, all of which have built-in support for User Switching and all of which log an entry when a user switches into another account.
  • User Switching triggers an action when a user switches account, switches off, or switches back (see below). You can use these actions to perform additional logging for safety purposes depending on your requirements.

One or more of the above should allow you to correlate an action with the originating user when a user switches account, should you need to.

Bear in mind that even without the User Switching plugin in use, any user who has the ability to edit another user can still frame another user for an action by, for example, changing their password and manually logging into that account. If you are concerned about users abusing others, you should take great care when granting users administrative rights.

A munden përgjegjës të rregullt të këmbejnë llogari në instalime Multisite?

No. This can be enabled though by installing the User Switching for Regular Admins plugin.

Can I switch users directly from the admin toolbar?

Yes, there’s a third party add-on plugin for this: Admin Bar User Switching.

Are any plugin actions called when a user switches account?

Yes. When a user switches to another account, the switch_to_user hook is called:

 * Fires when a user switches to another user account.
 * @since 0.6.0
 * @since 1.4.0 The `$new_token` and `$old_token` parameters were added.
 * @param int    $user_id     The ID of the user being switched to.
 * @param int    $old_user_id The ID of the user being switched from.
 * @param string $new_token   The token of the session of the user being switched to. Can be an empty string
 *                            or a token for a session that may or may not still be valid.
 * @param string $old_token   The token of the session of the user being switched from.
do_action( 'switch_to_user', $user_id, $old_user_id, $new_token, $old_token );

When a user switches back to their originating account, the switch_back_user hook is called:

 * Fires when a user switches back to their originating account.
 * @since 0.6.0
 * @since 1.4.0 The `$new_token` and `$old_token` parameters were added.
 * @param int       $user_id     The ID of the user being switched back to.
 * @param int|false $old_user_id The ID of the user being switched from, or false if the user is switching back
 *                               after having been switched off.
 * @param string    $new_token   The token of the session of the user being switched to. Can be an empty string
 *                               or a token for a session that may or may not still be valid.
 * @param string    $old_token   The token of the session of the user being switched from.
do_action( 'switch_back_user', $user_id, $old_user_id, $new_token, $old_token );

When a user switches off, the switch_off_user hook is called:

 * Fires when a user switches off.
 * @since 0.6.0
 * @since 1.4.0 The `$old_token` parameter was added.
 * @param int    $old_user_id The ID of the user switching off.
 * @param string $old_token   The token of the session of the user switching off.
do_action( 'switch_off_user', $old_user_id, $old_token );

In addition, User Switching respects the following filters from WordPress core when appropriate:

  • login_redirect when switching to another user.
  • logout_redirect when switching off.

Do you accept donations?

I am accepting sponsorships via the GitHub Sponsors program and any support you can give will help me maintain this plugin and keep it free for everyone.


21 Tetor, 2021
This plugin does what it says and makes it so easy to test issues for specific users. Really appreciate having this availble!
15 Shtator, 2021
I use this to temporarily switch to Woocommerce customer accounts and help them checkout their shopping carts when problems prevent them from doing it themselves. This is essential because I don't have to rely on explaining multiple steps to old folks who hate computers. I can simply jump in and do it for them (without trying to login on another browser as a them while they can't remember login passwords and have to reset it and then they can't get to their email, and so on). This also works in a limited way for editor-role users such as staff members who I don't want to have admin-level access to WordPress. Love it!
28 Korrik, 2021
This plugin is very helpful to solve issues related to roles and capabilities. Highly recommended for any WP installation with non-admin users.
Lexojini krejt 199 shqyrtimet

Kontribues & Zhvillues

“Ndërrim Përdoruesi” është software me burim të hapur. Në këtë shtojcë kanë dhënë ndihmesë personat vijues.


“Ndërrim Përdoruesi” është përkthyer në 44 gjuhë. Faleminderit përkthyesve për ndihmesën e tyre.

Përkthejeni “Ndërrim Përdoruesi” në gjuhën tuaj.

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Shfletoni kodin, shkarkoni depon SVN, ose pajtohuni përmes RSS-je te regjistri i zhvillimeve.

Shënime ndryshimesh


  • Avoid a fatal if the interim-login query parameter is present on a page other than wp-login.php.


  • Fix some issues that could lead to PHP errors given a malformed cookie.
  • Fix documentation.


  • Add a class to the table row on the user edit screen.
  • Updated docs.


  • Added the user_switching_in_footer filter to disable output in footer on front end.
  • Documentation additions and improvements.


  • Fix a cookie issue caused by Jetpack 8.1.1 which prevented switching back to the original user.


  • Remove usage of a method that’s been deprecated in WordPress 5.3


  • Set the correct lang attribute on User Switching’s admin notice.
  • Move the WooCommerce session forgetting to an action callback so it can be unhooked if necessary.


  • Add appropriate HTTP response codes to the error states.
  • Display User Switching’s messages in the original user’s locale.
  • Increase the priority of the hook that sets up the cookie constants. See #40.
  • Don’t attempt to output the ‘Switch To’ link on author archives when the queried object isn’t a user. See #39.


  • Add support for forgetting WooCommerce sessions when switching between users. Requires WooCommerce 3.6+.


  • Don’t attempt to add the Switch To link to the admin toolbar when viewing an author archive in the admin area. This prevents a fatal error occurring when filtering custom post type listing screens by authors in the admin area.


  • Add a Switch To link to the Edit User admin toolbar menu when viewing an author archive.
  • Add a Switch back link to the Edit User admin toolbar menu when viewing an author archive and you’re already switched.


  • Add support for user session retention, reuse, and destruction when switching to and back from other user accounts.
  • Add support for the switch_users meta capability for fine grained control over the ability to switch user accounts.
  • More code and documentation quality improvements.


  • Add support for the X-Redirect-By header in WordPress 5.0.
  • Allow User Switching’s admin notices to be dismissed.
  • Introduce a privacy statement.


  • Update the BuddyPress compatibility.
  • Various code and inline docs improvements.


  • Improve the Switch Back functionality when the interim login window is shown.
  • Always show the Switch Back link in the Meta widget if it’s present.


  • Introduce a user_switching_switched_message filter to allow customisation of the message displayed to switched users in the admin area.
  • Switch to safe redirects for extra paranoid hardening.
  • Docblock improvements.
  • Coding standards improvements.


  • Përkthimi në Farsi (Persishte) nga Amin Ab.
  • Display switch back links in Network Admin and login screen.
  • Avoid a BuddyPress bug preventing Switch To buttons from appearing.


  • Përimtësime paneli për WordPress 3.3.

  • Përkthimi në kineze të thjeshtuar nga Sparanoid.

  • Përkthimi gjermanisht nga Ralph Stenzel.


  • New “Switch off” function: Log out and log instantly back in again when needed (see the FAQ).


  • Mbulim për ndryshime të ardhshme në shtyllën e përgjegjësit te WordPress 3.3.


  • Shtoni ca asistencë të thelluar për BuddyPress-in.
  • Shtoni ca asistencë të thelluar për Multisajt-in.
  • Ndreqni një problem lejesh për përdorues pa privilegje.
  • Ndreqni një sinjalizim PHP kur përdoret si shtojcë mu-plugin (falënderime Scribu-t).


  • Ndreqni elementin ‘Rikthehu’ të menusë në shtyllën e përgjegjësit të WordPress-it (WordPress 3.1+).
  • Ndreqni një problem formatimi në faqen e profilit të përdoruesit.


  • Parandalojuni përgjegjësve të kalojnë në llogari superpërgjegjësish multisajti.


  • Shton një element menuje shtylle përgjegjësi (WordPress 3.1+) për rikthim në përdoruesin prej nga i cili erdhët.


  • Respekto zgjedhjen për rregullimin ‘Mbamë mend’, kur kalohet nga një përdorues në tjetrin.
  • Rikthehuni te faqja hyrëse e përgjegjësit, nëse përdoruesi në të cilin po ktheheni, nuk ka privilegje.


  • Edge case bugfix to prevent ‘Switch back to…’ message appearing when it shouldn’t.


  • Fuunksion për t’u rikthyer në përdoruesin prej të cilit erdhët.


  • Version fillestar.