Post Lockdown


Post Lockdown protects your site-critical pages and posts by disabling all non-admin users’ ability to trash or delete them.
It can also lock pages and posts, which will disable editing of the post as well as disabling trashing/deleting.

The plugin adds a new options page under the Settings menu in your WordPress admin panel which allows you to quickly search and
select for all pages and posts of any post type. When you find the item you want to select, simply click it to move it to the right
box and click Save Changes.

See the screenshots for an example of what an Editor would see when they view a list of posts with some locked and protected.

Foto ekrani

  • A page list showing one regular page, one locked page and one protected page with the plugin’s status column visible.
  • The Publish metabox for a protected page logged in as an Editor. See how the plugin removes the Move to Trash link.
  • The Post Lockdown administration page.


  1. Upload the post-lockdown folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktivizojeni shtojcën përmes menusë ‘Shtojca’, te WordPress-i
  3. Select your locked/protected posts under Settings > Post Lockdown


Are there any major changes in v2.0?

The plugin now stores an instance of the class in a global variable ($postlockdown) instead of using static class methods.
If you’re a developer and use any of the static methods like PostLockdown::is_post_protected( $post_id ) in your theme code then
you’ll need to update your code to the following to be able to use v2.0:

global $postlockdown;
$postlockdown->is_post_protected( $post_id );

What is a “non-admin user”?

By default, the plugin classes a non-admin as a user who does not have the manage_options capability e.g an Editor.
The capability can be filtered using the postlockdown_admin_capability filter.

Are there any other filters I can use?

The following filters are used throughout the plugin:

  • postlockdown_admin_capability – The capability a user must have to bypass locked/protected posts restrictions. Default is manage_options.
  • postlockdown_capabilities – Array of capabilities to restrict.
  • postlockdown_excluded_post_types – Array of post types to exclude from search.
  • postlockdown_get_posts – Array of args to pass to get_posts().
  • postlockdown_locked_posts – Array of locked post IDs. Allows you to programmatically add or remove post IDs. Both the key AND value must be set to the post ID.
  • postlockdown_protected_posts – Array of protected post IDs. Allows you to programmatically add or remove post IDs. Both the key AND value must be set to the post ID.
  • postlockdown_column_hidden_default – Boolean which dictates whether the status column should appear by default on post lists. Defaults to false.
  • postlockdown_column_html – String of HTML showing the locked or protected status of a post in the status column on post lists.
  • postlockdown_column_label – String containing the heading/label for the status column on post lists.


14 Qershor, 2024 1 përgjigje
Plugin doesn’t work for patterns. Post type “WP-block” the posts (patterns) are visible and selectable but does not remove the “trash” buttons
25 Prill, 2024
Post Lockdown is an excellent plugin for admins that want to restrict lower user roles from editing or deleting specific posts.
22 Shkurt, 2022 2 përgjigje
I edit my review (original one below) as the “problem” doesn’t exist anymore with the new version. This plugin deserves a 5 stars now that a bulk option is available. The smartest and easiest lock post plugin! ———–ORIGINAL REVIEW BELOW———– Having a website with multiple authors, it’s good to finally have a simple plugin to lock a post once it’s published to be sure nothing is modified. BUT, the current system is not the easiest. Having to go to the options, look for the post, add it to the list, save… it takes a lot of time when you have 300+ posts to lock and there is no batch method. Something that would make this plugin so much easier is having it integrated directly on the posts list, under each post title for example, and just having to click on it there to lock/unlock the post.
14 Gusht, 2019 3 përgjigje
Works very well, my only criticism is that private posts/pages should be lockable, ie private posts should appear in the search form. In order to lock them currently you need to publish them, then lock/portect, and then make it private again Update!! the developer added the minor feuature request/bug. This plugin is now perfect!
20 Korrik, 2017 1 përgjigje
it works but only as stated. Users with custom role that is not admin will be disregarded by the plugin and get normal admin role: all locks are seen but they can edit the page like a normal admin. In other words: you can’t differentiate between different admin roles unfortunately, it doesn’t recognize it. Would have been great otherwise!
23 Shkurt, 2022
I think the plugin is really useful, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it 😉
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This is a major version release. Please read the following notes carefully before updating.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the plugin to not work correctly with the new block editor (Gutenberg). This is fixed by loading the plugin for all requests (including REST requests) rather than just the admin area
  • Fixed a bug which caused the uninstall hook to not be called when the plugin was deleted


  • Updated minimum required WordPress version to 4.6 so translations are loaded from (Thanks to @huubl)


  • Updated text domain to match plugin slug for localization (Thanks to @huubl)


  • Added internationalization support to post list status column (Thanks to @huubl)


  • Fixed a bug which allowed non-admins access to Post Lockdown’s bulk actions


  • New feature: Added bulk actions to post list screens. This is an opt-in feature which must be enabled on the Post Lockdown settings page. (h/t @khaliel for the idea)


  • Fixed a bug that caused authors to be able to edit and delete other’s posts (Thanks @kumar314)
  • Fixed a PHP warning that appeared when creating a new post


  • Improved performance whilst fetching posts (Thanks to joshuadavidnelson)


This is a major version release. Please read the following notes carefully before updating.

  • Added WP-CLI integration. You can now edit locked and protected posts via the WordPress CLI! Run wp postlockdown to see the list of available commands
  • Bumped PHP version requirement to 5.6 and refactored codebase to use namespaces and PSR-2 coding standards
  • Moved get_posts wrapper method from OptionsPage to PostLockdown so it can be used by the CLI
  • Added add_locked_post, add_protected_post, remove_locked_post and remove_protected_post methods to main class


  • Added the ability to lock and protect attachments.


  • Added private posts to the list of available posts to protect or lock.


  • Fixed missing call to get_post_types() when retrieving posts.
  • Removed unnecessary files


  • Added private posts to the list of available posts to protect or lock.


This is a major version release. Please read the following notes carefully before updating.

  • Major refactor of code base for performance and future scalability. If you are a developer using any of the plugin class static methods read the FAQ before updating.
  • Added a column to post lists to show the locked or protected status of each post.
  • Added new filters: postlockdown_column_hidden_default, postlockdown_column_html and postlockdown_column_label.
  • Lots of optimisations and general improvements.


  • Fixed PHP warning about missing admin notices file.


  • Added functionality to prevent non-admins changing the post status of a protected published post to something which could remove it from the front end e.g Draft, Private or Scheduled.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a PHP warning when a non-admin used the Quick Edit box for a protected post.
  • Added new version of multi select plugin.
  • Lots of optimisations and general improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where post IDs could not be filtered if none were set on the options page.
  • Added revisions and the WooCommerce product_variation post type to the excluded post types list.
  • Added escaping to placeholder attributes for search fields.
  • Added a new filter: postlockdown_excluded_post_types.


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