Kjo shtojcë është mbyllur që nga 7 Shtator, 2019 dhe s’mund të shkarkohet më. Arsye: Cenim Licencimi/Shenjash Tregtare.


17 Mars, 2017
Very handy plugin, but there is one minor issue. Whenever there is pagebreak in article. In preview of Facebook Instant Article provided by plugin, all pages are shown respectively. But in feed generation, there is only first page echoed. Content after pagebreak is now shown in Instant Article Feeds. Please check.
21 Shkurt, 2017
This plugin has the worst UX design I've seen for a while, and it's actually a struggle to see if it's even functioning correctly. As other people have said, it seems abandoned, it's a big mess. The settings are hidden in a 'mobile formats' heading which is the most strange UX decision I've seen. [redacted]
20 Dhjetor, 2016
Merci ! Just something i 've like to avoid is to send admin trafic from wp amp related files to google analytics. Thanks a lot for the job done and for sharing it.
29 Nëntor, 2016
I cannot get this plugin to work correctly. There has been no visible response in the reviews/forums/support for this plugin for months. So maybe it has been abondoned.
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