Head & Footer Code

Easy add site-wide, category and article specific custom code before the closing </head> and </body>,…

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Scripts To Footer

Move your scripts to the footer to help speed up perceived page load times and…

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WordPress HTML

Add raw HTML to any post/page, without the Wordpress editor breaking it.

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Autover plugin will automatically version your CSS and JS files in the generated html page…

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Simple Tracking

Easily add site-wide tracking codes and conversion pixels. Additionally manage all your social media links,…

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Add to Header

Add additional code to your header WITHOUT editing your theme, such as CSS and Javascript.

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Add to Head

The easiest way to add any content (CSS, Javascript, meta, etc…) to the head section…

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WP Hooks

WP Hooks allows you to add JavaScript, CSS, meta tags, etc. to your header and…

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GTM Code Visibility

Easily add Google Tag Manager code to your site and use it only when site…

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This plugin will cleanup and optimize your WordPress.

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