WP Calorie Calculator


UPD: V4 is out! Now supporting GDPR!

For all experts in fitness, health & calories-dependent nutrition or sports: meet the most effective marketing feature for your WordPress website!

WordPress Calorie Calculator by Belov is a plugin and a marketing tool that works wonders in user attraction.

This plugin is weight management for your visitors made simple. Whether you are launching a WordPress website to help others achieve their desired body mass or working on your own shape and fitness, the WP Calorie Calculator plugin is what you’re looking for.

Having a calorie calculator on your website is an absolute must if your business is in the nutrition, health or fitness sector. Your clients will most definitely enjoy the opportunity to monitor and manage their daily calorie norms and body mass with the help of your website. Make your service catchy and get more leads!

NEW: Zapier support added to the free version.


So many factors affect our energy consumption needs that estimating the necessary calorie intake in mind would be too complicated. You end up wasting half of your day doing lots of math with your calories, weight, and height and comparing your target body mass to your current weight.

No one wants to spend their life on endless calculations! Let your visitors delegate that tedious work to our WordPress Calorie Calculator plugin. Install it and make your website attract even more sports and weight management strivers.


BMR, or basal metabolic rate, is one of the most widely used parameters for defining the preferred calorie ratio. For our calculator plugin, we use the Mifflin—St. Jeor formula. It identifies BMR by analyzing the essential features of your organism: body mass, height, age, and biological sex. The plugin calculates daily calorie consumption rate using those numbers with the multipliers needed to account for the goals and conditions. The formula also takes sports and other types of activity into account: this way, the users can be sure that the calorie norm offered by WP Calorie Calculator corresponds with their individual physical characteristics such as weight, height, and others.


Our Calorie Calculator for WordPress gives you the shortcode for your website’s page, post, or sidebar. Put it anywhere it suits the most to catch the attention of your visitors!

Weight, heights, goals: the calculator accounts for everything

Once you have installed the plugin, you get a neatly designed Calculator settings section in your WordPress admin area. There are a few tabs where you can configure input fields for age, body mass, and height, gender selector, and measure units toggle. Other parameters are configurable in the Pro edition of WP Calorie Caluclator (UPD: V4 is out!). Among those, there are lifestyle for which users tick the one that fits them best and body mass goals with the dropdown menu offering weight maintenance, loss, or gain (and the pace of the process).

Units & auto conversion

WP Calorie Calculator works with metric and imperial units to ensure convenience for everyone. And should users forget to switch units, the plugin will convert everything automatically with a click of the toggle. No need to rack your brain over retyping and converting.

Increasing screentime

This built-in calculator will, without a doubt, be a most-liked feature on your website. People will hardly manage to resist the urge to check out their daily calorie norm set up in accordance with their body mass goals.

Handy & user-friendly

It runs as you go: if you select an instant view, WordPress Calorie Calculator demonstrates the results straight after everything is typed. No need to click on any additional buttons: our calculator plugin is as user-friendly as possible. Alternatively, you can ask users to provide their emails to which the plugin will send the results.


Creating a WordPress website to offer nutritionist service or a diet management program? The WP Calorie Calculator by Belov is the easiest way to capture people’s attention by personalizing their nutrition plan.

Interaction holds attention like nothing else! Your site visitors will spend more time online and will be much more likely to convert into customers. Besides, you can collect emails with the form provided: some serious help to your marketing!

Personalize user experience for your clients and boost your business processes!

Read more on the WP Calorie Calculator website.



The plugin allows to change the interface colors to make them fit your website design. In the free version, only 2 types of colors—primary and secondary—are changeable. The Pro version provides much more flexibility and lets you define the color of almost every detail on the screen, from the title to the on-hover state color.

Instant or email results

You can also choose how results will be delivered to your visitor—directly in the form or via email. The first option implies that the amount of calories is displayed once the user submits all the necessary input. The latter can help a great deal in email marketing. To make the work on that easier, we added ConvertKit, Hubspot, Mailchimp and Zapier integration in the Calculator Pro.


Advanced features, email marketing service integrations, and new & improved admin dashboard design: make the most of WP Calorie Calculator!

More to calculate

Among the advanced features of the WP Calorie Calculator Pro plugin, there are custom functions such as macronutrient balance and activity level—both editable and removable! In addition, the Pro version has as many as three formulas available and calculates such crucial parameters as BMI & BMR.

Optimize your marketing

The Pro version has excellent integrations with online marketing services:

  • ConvertKit
    Collect emails, edit & send email templates, and boost your marketing campaign.

  • Hubspot
    Collect emails, edit & send email templates, and boost your marketing campaign.

  • Mailchimp
    Collect emails, edit & send email templates, and boost your marketing campaign.

  • Zapier webhook
    Upgrade the security of communication with other services.

More integrations are coming soon!

Adapt your business processes like shooting fish in a barrel.

Other features

Improve user experience in an environment enhanced and improved for you:

  • New neat admin area
  • A list of calculator templates
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Flexible options for admin notifications
  • Google reCAPTCHA v3 integration

And more flexibility to elevate your website to a new level.


  • GDPR support
  • ConvertKit integration
  • Hubspot integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Native Elementor widget with a full functionality
  • Flexible activities and goals settings
  • Powerful editor for email templates
  • “Add your logo” feature for email templates
  • Google reCAPTCHA v3 integration

More from recent releases:

  • RTL languages support
  • BMI & BMR calculation
  • Translations added
  • Color picker and preset color schema options


  • English: default, always included.
  • German: Deutsch – immer dabei.
  • Turkish: Türkçe dil desteği.
  • And others, see the “Languages” section of the plugin’s metadata.

Note: The plugin is localized/translateable by default. For translating we recommend the awesome plugin Loco Translate.

Foto ekrani

  • WP Calorie Calculator – front-end settings
  • Pjesa e dukshme me formular parashtrimesh
  • Pjesë e përparme, me përfundime të menjëhershme të përllogaritjes
  • Rregullimet kryesore të shtojcës.
  • Calculation settings
  • Elementor widget settings


  1. Instaloni shtojcën.
  2. Aktivizojeni shtojcën përmes menusë “Shtojca” te WordPress-i
  3. Kaloni te Calorie Calculator, te menuja juaj wp-admin dhe formësoni kodin e shkurtër që doni të përdorni.
  4. Kopjojeni kodin e shkurtër dhe vendoseni te postimi, faqja, lloji vetjak i postimit, ose widget-i.


Si ta rregulloj ngjyrën e sfondit?

Pasi të instaloni shtojcën, klikoni mbi Rregullime dhe, mes të tjerash, do të shihni rregullimet e ngjyrave.

A mund ta ndryshoj titullin e Llogaritësit?

Absolutisht! Jepini titullin që parapëlqeni, duke e dhënë te kodi i shkurtër. Duhet vendosur mes pikëpyetjeve fill pas cal_calc title= piece. Ose ndryshojeni te faqja e rregullimeve të shtojcë, për ta prodhuar kodin e shkurtër automatikisht.

Shtojca vjen vetëm në anglisht?

Aktualisht shtojca përmban gjuhën gjermanisht. Përkthimi në gjuhë të tjera është në ecuri e sipër: së shpejti shtojmë gjuhë të tjera. Na ndiqni!

S’më pëlqen kushedi mënyra Mifflin – St. Jeor e përllogaritjes. Është e mundur të ndryshohet formula?

Ky version mbulon vetëm këtë formulë. Sidoqoftë, versioni PRO ju lejon të zgjidhni mes ca nga më populloret.

A do të ketë përditësim? Është e mundur të kihen më tepër veçori dhe përllogaritje të ndryshme?

Po! Mund të blini versionin PRO të Llogaritësit të Kalorive, me funksione të zgjeruara.

Si ta integroj me Mailchimp-in?

Ky është një integrim thelbësor për ata që grumbullojnë email-e nga sajti. Integrimi me Mailchimp-in mund të bëhet që nga versioni PRO.

Si të marr asistencë?

Mundeni përherë t’i dërgoni një mesazh asistencën tonë internetore, ose të bëni një pyetje te forumi i asistencës për WordPress – do të përgjigjemi shpejt. Gjithashtu, ofrojmë një rast të ëmbël për klientët tanë: një vit asistencë WordPress me çmim vërtet të arritshëm.


7 Tetor, 2021
plugin works easy and does its job, easy to use for a visitor too … the best thing is, the authors update it and are still active, they reply fast on the website … I mean it’s frustrating, when you find the plugin you looking for, but then u see the last update was 1 year ago … and its also frustrating if you have to install an extra envato plugin to make updates for a plugin … But not with this one, 5 stars for this alone yay
3 Mars, 2021 1 përgjigje
Love the plugin, love the support from the developer. Resolved my issue within minutes and was sooo responsive. 10/10.
Lexojini krejt 9 shqyrtimet

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Regjistër ndryshimesh

4.1.0 2024-04-29

  • Added integration with ConvertKit.

4.0.12 2023-10-04

  • Fixed bug with result animation.

4.0.11 2023-09-19

  • Fixed Mild Weight Loss and Weight Loss goal coefficients.

4.0.10 2023-09-15

  • Changed default goal achievement coefficients – hot fix

4.0.9 2023-09-15

  • Changed default goal achievement coefficients

4.0.8 2023-08-31

  • WP 6.3 compatibility added
  • Fixed max-width of the calculator

4.0.7 2023-04-25

  • WP 6.2 compatibility added
  • Fixed some minor style bugs

4.0.6 2023-01-10

  • Synchronizing version with PRO
  • Updated translations
  • Changed sidebar banners

3.2.2 2023-01-09

  • Updated readme.txt
  • Updated translations

3.2.1 2023-01-05

  • Updated translations

3.2.0 2022-11-28

  • Added GDPR support (user acceptance of Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions)
  • WP 6.1 compatibility added
  • Added a link for quick editing of the calculator for administrators
  • Fixed some minor style bugs

3.1.2 2022-05-06

  • WP 6.0 compatibility added
  • PHP 8.0 compatibility added
  • Fixed two php warnings

3.1.1 2022-04-07

  • The German, Turkish, and Russian translations have been updated

3.1.0 2022-04-01

  • Added the RTL support
  • Fixed bug with the notification email

3.0.5 2022-02-17

  • U ndreq e metë në shfaqje ikonash svg të ngarkuara përmes CDN-je
  • Fixed padding between fields on mobile devices

3.0.4 2022-01-24

  • U shtua mbulim për WordPress 5.9


  • U ndreq e metë me email të pasaktë për njoftimet


  • U ndreq një gabim shkrimi te readme.txt


  • U përditësuan lidhje Youtube te readme.txt


  • Panel i ri përgjegjësish
  • Hartim i ri teme
  • U shtua aftësia për të ndryshuar skemën e ngjyrave të llogaritësit
  • U ndreqën gabime përputhshmërie me tema bazë të WordPress-it
  • U ndreq një e metë me fushën e llojit të numrave në shfletuesit Firefox dhe Safari
  • U shtua një kontroll për fusha të zbrazëta input-i
  • U përditësuan përkthime (gjermanisht, rusisht)


  • U shtua gjuha ruse


  • U shtua gjuha gjermane


  • U shtua gjuha turke
  • U ndreq një e metë në shfaqjen e anës së përzgjedhësit


  • U shtua prodhimi i automatizuar i gjedhes së përkthimit (kartelës .pot), kur hidhet në qarkullim një përditësim i shtojcës, tanimë kartela e përkthimit do të jetë përherë e përditësuar


  • U ndryshua koncepti i kodit të shkurtër, tani llogaritësi mund të ndryshohet te rregullimet pa zëvendësuar kodin e shkurtër te faqja
  • U përditësua skema e rrjetës së hollësive elementare
  • U ndreq gabim shkrimi te objektivi
  • U ndreqën probleme skicimi


  • U ndreq një e metë me njësitë matëse, te email-et


  • Hedhje në qarkullim versioni PRO


  • Njoftim versioni PRO


  • hot fixes


  • U ndreqën: disa vendosje jo të sakta te fusha e dhënieve, që lidhen me punën e përdoruesit
  • U shtua përputhshmëri me WP 5.7
  • Disa përmirësime te pjesa e brendshme


  • Përmirësim gjedhesh email-i


  • Ndreqje të metash
  • U shtua gjedhja “.pot” e gjuhës, që të mund ta përktheni kollaj këtë shtojcë në gjuhën tuaj.


  • Përditësim i përshkrimit te faqja e shtojcës
  • reqje të metash CSS në pjesën e dukshme


  • Përditësim i përshkrimit te faqja e shtojcës


  • Hedhje fillestare në qarkullim