Kjo shtojcë s’është testuar me 3 hedhjet e rëndësishme të fundit në qarkullim të WordPress-it. Mund të mos e mirëmbajnë më, ose mundet të mos mbulohet më, dhe mund të ketë probleme përputhshmërie, kur përdoret me versione më të freskët të WordPress-it.

Grow by Tradedoubler – Advertiser Plugin for WooCommerce


Grow is a self-service, performance-based, affiliate marketing solution for small businesses and start-ups wanting to increase online visibility, traffic, and product sales.

Download the Grow Affiliate Marketing plugin and start your affiliate program in minutes.

The Grow WooCommerce Module allows you to set up and manage your Grow affiliate program natively, within your WooCommerce store.
When you join Grow, we provide you with the tools you need to search for and recruit your own affiliates from our established partner network. Giving you access to over 180,000 partners, who are ready and waiting to promote your business.


The Grow WooCommerce module will take care of all your technical requirements by ensuring that your affiliate tracking is set-up quickly and correctly. This module will also automatically create your product feed to the best standard and retrieve your existing discount codes so that they’re ready for your partners within minutes of signing up. With Grow affiliate marketing has never been easier.

Grow is 100% focused on results, you only pay for the sales that your partners bring.

All your activity will be presented in your WooCommerce module, with useful statistics and information to provide insights on traffic, conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), impressions, sales information and much, much more.


Grow takes care of:

  • Sales Tracking: Complete and accurate tracking of all online journeys leading up to a sale
  • Ad Serving: Reliable ad serving anywhere in the world
  • Invoicing Streamlined finance processes resulting in simplified invoicing
  • Affiliate Payments:You focus on making partnerships, we handle the payment process
  • Client Support:Fast and effective email support to help you when you need it
  • Unlike traditional affiliate programs, Grow offers its clients a unique, low-cost, zero-commitment and high-performance affiliate platform, with the following terms:

  • First 30 days free when you sign-up
  • No joining fees
  • Low-risk commercials
  • No contracts (30-day minimum term)
  • No setup fees
  • Privacy

    Tradedoubler will process sales information, including the Transaction ID (order number), for the purpose of recording sales information and reporting it to advertisers and publishers. This data will be sent and processed via Tradedoubler’s own domains. Please see the Tradedoubler privacy policy for more information.


    1. Simply Sign up to Grow
    2. Follow the four-step set-up guide on the Grow platform
    3. On step 3,“Tracking set-up”, login to your Grow by Tradedoubler Woocommerce plugin, go to “Tracking” and ensure the “Commission” structure matches your needs


    5 Mars, 2023
    This is a great plugin as its easy to setup but each time a request is made this takes 90% of the request and slows the backend and frontend down needlessly as it takes a lot more resources to the request. Plugin needs a major optimization upgrade. The latest plugin version hasn’t even been tested with the latest version of WordPress. This makes me think it has also hasn’t been tested for PHP 8.1.
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    “Grow by Tradedoubler – Advertiser Plugin for WooCommerce” është software me burim të hapur. Në këtë shtojcë kanë dhënë ndihmesë personat vijues.


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    • Bug fixes for sign in


    • Bug fixes for sign in


    • Bug fixes for product feed


    • Bug fixes for product feed


    • Bug fixes for product feed


    • Performance improvements


    • Performance improvements


    • Bug fixes for dashboard
    • Performance improvements


    • Discount code sync and management enhancements
    • Fixed product pricing
    • Other performance improvements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Bug fixes and enhancements


    • Performance updates


    • Major update version 2.0.2 includes native tracking code integration and account configuration. This version also extends the plugin’s functionality, and includes a performance dashboard and automatic sync of product data and discount codes.


    • Container tag improvements
    • General UI improvements


    • Performance updates


    • first release