Riprodho Miniatura

Regenerate the thumbnails for one or more of your image uploads. Useful when changing their…

Alex Mills (Viper007Bond) 1+ milion instalime aktive Testuar me 5.7.6 Përditësuar 1 vit më parë


"Crop Thumbnails" made it easy to get exacly that specific image-detail you want to show…

Volkmar Kantor 40 000+ instalime aktive Testuar me 5.8.0 Përditësuar 10 muaj më parë

Download Media

Allows medias in the media library to be direclty download one by one or in…

Jean-David Daviet 400+ instalime aktive Testuar me 5.8.4 Përditësuar 2 javë më parë

Thumbnail Updater

A plugin for updating your thumbnails whenever a new thumbnail size is added with add_image_size()

Jessica Green 10+ instalime aktive Testuar me 3.0.5 Përditësuar 12 vjet më parë

Featured Image on Top

Tired of having to move your "Featured Images" metabox to the top? I've got a…

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