bbPress është software forumesh, realizuar sipas rrugës WordPress.

The bbPress Community 300 000+ instalime aktive Testuar me 4.7.8 Përditësuar 2 muaj më parë

No Page Comment

An admin interface to control the default comment and trackback settings on new posts, pages…

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Forums – wpForo

Number one forum plugin for WordPress. Full-fledged forum solution with modern and mobile responsive design.…

gVectors Team (A. Chakhoyan, R. Hovhannisyan) 10 000+ instalime aktive Testuar me 4.9.1 Përditësuar 1 javë më parë


Reduces spam and troll comments by requiring commenters to answer a question.

Andy Skelton, Stephen Rider and Mark Jaquith 1 000+ instalime aktive Testuar me 4.1.21 Përditësuar 3 vjet më parë

Raven's Antispam

Powerful and invisible fighter against comment spam.

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Engage website visitors and share their most flattering reviews, ratings, and support questions. Moderate content… 900+ instalime aktive Testuar me 4.9.1 Përditësuar 2 javë më parë

Blacklist Updater

Automatic updating of the comment blacklist in WordPress with antispam keys from GitHub.

Sergej Müller 800+ instalime aktive Testuar me 4.2.18 Përditësuar 2 vjet më parë

WP Bulletin Board

WP Bulletin Board (WPBB) is an easy to use forum for your WordPress site with…

Jay Carter 600+ instalime aktive Testuar me 3.5.2 Përditësuar 5 vjet më parë

bbP Signature

Stable tag: 1.2 This plugin adds user signature support to bbPress 2.0.

Arjun S Kumar 500+ instalime aktive Testuar me 4.9.1 Përditësuar 4 javë më parë

Better bbPress Signature

Better bbPress Signature is signature plugin to add option for member signature for bbPress forums

Arun Singh 300+ instalime aktive Testuar me 3.9.22 Përditësuar 3 vjet më parë

Bbpress Latest Discussion

This plugin will generates Latest Discussion list from your bbpress forum into your wordpress page.

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