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With an immersive design, VideoPress is ideal for videographers, creators, filmmakers, educators, and bloggers seeking to upload high-quality videos with ease.

Ngritur për WordPress

Take advantage of full integration with the best video hosting plugin created specifically for WordPress. Bring your ideas to the screen and save time by managing your videos in the same interface as your website. You can drag and drop videos directly into WordPress, and manage them in the media library.

Videot pa reklama ofrojnë parje më të mirë

Tired of video companies sending your customers to their app to view videos? Or worse, showing inappropriate ads to your site visitors? Our customizable video player for WordPress keeps people on your site so the spotlight is all yours. With VideoPress, you can avoid intrusive ads or imposing player branding.

Strehim videosh me cilësi të lartë, të shpejta si rrufe

Take the complexity out of self-hosting videos. VideoPress offers fully-hosted videos and a CDN to ensure instant video speed for your audience around the globe. With our powerful and reliable hosting infrastructure, you can provide your audience with fast-motion videos with 60 FPS and full 4K resolution.

Një zgjidhje e plotë për video që nga Përpunuesi WordPress

With the Jetpack VideoPress Block, adding videos to your content has never been easier. This powerful tool lets you effortlessly insert videos straight from the WordPress Editor and comes packed with advanced features like subtitles, captions, chapters, private videos, and poster images.

  • Adaptive Streaming – Videos play back faster by automatically adjusting video quality based on bandwidth and display size. The viewer can still choose the quality they’d like in the menu.
  • Reliable Global Hosting and Video CDN – Built on’s world-class cloud infrastructure, your videos are stored in multiple servers across the globe to ensure quick delivery no matter where your audience is.
  • Subtitles, Captions, and Chapters – Simply upload your text tracks via the VideoPress block and they will be available on the video as soon as you publish.
  • Progress Bar Color Match – The VideoPress seekbar now adapts its color to match the scenes in your videos. This makes your content really pop.
  • Bërë optimal për celular – Kaloni nga celulari në desktop dhe anasjellta, pa humbur një grimë.
  • Picture-in-picture – Pop out the video from the web browser for easier viewing.
  • Hyrje të Panumërta – Po punoni me një ekip? Nuk aplikojmë çmime për vend, ndaj kushdo që punon në sajtin tuaj mund të hyjë më vete.
  • High-Resolution Videos Up to 4K – Watch crisp images on any display and screen size. We’ve added video display for 1440p, 60 FPS, and full 4K resolution.
  • Ad-free video – Keep the spotlight on your content, not on ads you can’t control.

Zgjidhja juaj one-stop për administrim videosh

The VideoPress Dashboard is a centralized space to upload and manage your video library. Filter your library by rating or privacy setting, view your library in multiple ways, and upload local videos to your Jetpack cloud library.


Foto ekrani

  • Shtoni dhe administroni video tuajat që nga videoteka juja VideoPress.
  • Shfletoni përmes videove tuaja dhe përpunoni hollësitë për to.
  • Ngarkoni videot tuaja vendore te VideoPress-i.
  • Edit your video details, cover image, and privacy from your VideoPress library.


Kjo shtojcë furnizon 1 bllok.

  • VideoPress Embed a video from your media library or upload a new one with VideoPress.



  1. Për t’i filluar, klikoni lidhjen Shtojca te anështylla majtas, mandej klikoni “Shtoni të Re”.
  2. Kërkoni për Jetpack VideoPress. Te përfundimet e kërkimit do të gjendet versioni më i ri. Klikoni mbi butonin “Instaloje Që Tani”.
  3. Next, click the Activate button. After activating, you will be prompted to set up VideoPress.


A është falas Jetpack VideoPress?

Jetpack VideoPress is free to try. You get free video hosting for WordPress for one video with a file size of up to 1 GB.

To get unlimited videos with a total storage of up to 1 TB, upgrade to the paid plan.

A përfshihet Jetpack VideoPress në ndonjë plan Jetpack?

Jetpack’s video player for WordPress is included in the Jetpack Complete plan. It is not currently included in any other plan.

Ka një kufi depozitimesh?

Plani falas ka një kufi prej 1 videoje dhe 1 GB.

Plani falas ka një kufi depoje prej 1 TGB.

Ka një kufi madhësie kartele?

The file size limit is 5 GB. However, on slower networks, there is a chance the network will time out before being able to upload larger videos to a WordPress site.


3 Dhjetor, 2023 1 përgjigje
So glad I found this plugin, it does exactly what I need it to do. Also, the help I received from Customer Support in setting it up the way I needed was beyond brilliant. They were polite, patient, and tested every step of the way with me. Thank you!
15 Qershor, 2023 2 përgjigje
I paid for the annual fee for one site and now every time I go to the jetpack website I am confront with an "upgrade" button that goes straight to preformatted version of the bill I already paid for the service, and wants me to pay again. The cc information is already filled in, and they are ready to double bill you if you make one mistake on the UI. Also, there does not seem to be any way to tag and organize the videos, at least given that I can barely get beyond being double billed if I try to login to their site, I could not find any way to manage my videos. The plugin does not allow any sorting or tagging. Also, does not support webm format. Given that there are many video hosting services out there, this is a complete waste of time and money.
7 Qershor, 2023 1 përgjigje
Video Press is the best one I have used by far for my WordPress site. Exceptional customer service too, if you need help. Highly recommend!
29 Prill, 2023 1 përgjigje
Cheap Video Hosting But Best Quality
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1.5 – 2023-03-22


  • Added request and update video poster functionality
  • Added label and help properties support for the TimestampControl component
  • Added basic upload functionality to mobile app block version
  • Added details panel to mobile app block’s settings
  • Added check to remove tracks from previous video after replacement on block


  • Indicated full compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, 6.2.
  • Updated deprecated core prop
  • Replaced loading placeholder
  • Updated package dependencies


  • Fixed video details form change detection
  • Fixed race condition when saving the post too fast after uploading a video
  • Fixed video library displaying arbitrary video in first page
  • Fixed opening upload options automatically when block is inserted from the block inserter menu (mobile)
  • Fixed handling failed uploads on VideoPress block