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GHL Connect for WooCommerce Plugin seamlessly syncs with GoHighLevel CRM for streamlined lead management and enhanced follow-up when users purchase products from Woocommerce.

If you are not aware, of what GHL is, please review here👈

🚀 Features

  • Triggers the creation of a contact in GHL upon WordPress user registration/checkout.
  • Attach tags and/or workflows to the contact.
  • Syncs All WordPress Users to GHL CRM by admin.
  • Connect GHL sub-accounts as per your need.

🚀 GHL Contacts

When someone signs up or makes a purchase, it automatically creates a new contact for them in your GHL system. For instance, John’s WordPress registration adds a “John” contact in GHL.

🚀 Tags and Workflows

New website sign-ups or purchases create GHL contacts (e.g., John registers = John’s GHL contact). Tags (e.g., “New Customer”) and workflows (e.g., welcome email) can be assigned.

🚀 Keep Your CRM Data Up-to-Date

All WordPress user data can be seamlessly migrated to GoHighLevel (GHL) as contacts. This ensures a synchronized database, where existing GHL contacts are automatically updated with any changes in WordPress, and new users are added as fresh contacts.

🚀 Multi-Account GHL Access

Select and Connect GHL accounts as per your need.

🚀 UNLOCK MORE FEATURES WITH GHL Connect For Woocommerce Pro

Go one step ahead with the GHL Connect For Woocommerce Pro. Enjoy additional features that can increase lead management efficiency and business productivity.

☑️ Global tag integration
☑️ Generate Invoice in GHL CRM after purchasing any products
☑️ Support all products types
☑️ Higher flexibility in lead management

Purchase our Pro plugin to enable this features.

For more detailed instructions and documentation for PRO Plugin, take a look at Documentation.

🚀 Documentation & Support

For more detailed instructions and documentation, take a look at Documentation.

If you need any help or customization in the plugin, please connect with us here👈


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  • Connect with GHL account.
  • Set your Trigger options you want after a successful product puchase.
  • Sync All Wordpress Users to GHL CRM.
  • Inside the Woocommerce products edit section set the Tags and Workflow for a particular products.
  • Help/Support page.
  • Upgrade to Pro


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

☑️ Go to the “Add New” section from the plugins menu and search for ‘GHL Connect for WooCommerce’.
☑️ Now you can install the ‘GHL Connect for WooCommerce’ Plugin.
☑️ Activate the plugin.
☑️ Go to the “GHL Connect for WooCommerce” plugin settings page and connect it with your GoHighLevel subaccount.

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How to connect my GHL account?

Go to the “GHL Connect for WooCommerce” plugin settings page, click the “Connect GHL Subaccount” button, and choose your GHL account to connect.

Is there any prerequisite to use the plugin?

Yes, you need to install the Woocommerce plugin.

What is the Trigger options tab?

It’s an option where you can select your order status. Based on the configured order status, the contact will be created/updated after product purchase from website.

Does it support subscription products?

The free version only supports simple and variable products. For other product types purchase our pro plugin.


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