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1 Tetor, 2016
I was surprised to find that on activation and after creating the object-cache.php, my average page generation time (as measured with GenTime) jumped from around 550ms to 650ms to the region of 3500ms and 4900ms, which comes down roughly to an 800%, or 8-fold increase. I assume there are setups for which this plugin will be just great. Otherwise the plugin wouldn’t exist in the first place. It’s just that it doesn’t work wonders in all cases. You should try this out for yourselves to see what it can do for you. P.S. It’s nice, by the way, as in this case, to have an option to not display the various author links. I do understand the motivation for developers to advertise their services inside their freely shared plugins. Until, that is, a user has determined that the offerings are not what he needs.
3 Shtator, 2016
I wrote this plugin for my own use on a site that didn’t have APCu at that time.
3 Shtator, 2016 1 përgjigje
Try it and overloads my vps to over 10.0 of load average in less of 15 minutes since install, uninstall and solved. Thanks
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